The Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Mother And Baby

Breast milk of the mother is the best source of food for a new born baby. It is the best for the development of the child and also has beneficial effects on the mother. In fact, the World Health Organization and other medical organizations stress the importance of breastfeeding through various campaigns. New mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their child for at least 12 months. This is because the first year of the life of a child is the time when it will experience the maximum growth and development.

Breastfeeding enhances the power of the brain

Breast milk contains the fatty acid DHA which helps in the stimulation of healthy functioning of the brain. Companies that manufacture baby formulas try to replicate it chemically but this synthetic DHA is not absorbed that easily by the stomach of the infant and hence is less effective than the natural fatty acid present in the breast milk. At the same time, many studies have shown the numerous breastfeeding benefits fostered during nursing a baby. The act of breastfeeding creates a stronger bond between mother and child and this contributes to the enhancement of intelligence in the child. This strong mother and baby bond created during breastfeeding gives a sense of security to the child and encourages him or her to explore the world within the protective reach of the mother. This, in turn, enhances the ability of the child to learn new things.

Protection from illness

Breast milk also contains important antibodies which help to enhance the immunity towards certain disease. These antibodies cause the immune system of the child to learn how to defend itself against different types of infections and hence avoid disease. The action of sucking on the mother’s breast while breastfeeding keeps the ear passages clear and hence also prevents any infections from developing in the ears of the child.